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Solar Water Heater Plastic Tank

Solar Water Heater Plastic Tank
Solar Water Heater Plastic Tank
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Solar Water Heater Plastic Tank

In 2008 the Him in Solar energy introduced nano polymer liner tank(commonly known as plastic tank) solar water heater,it has been produced over millions ,it has aroused wide attention and discussion,But still no unanimous understanding by now

In simple terms, the plastic liner is a kind of PP as the main material, mainly through the water heater tank blow or rotational molding, the original intention is to solve corrosion problem area of poor water quality Water Leakage liner tank

Market test for six years, there has been different views on the plastic liner tank, some people think that the plastic liner can completely replace stainless steel liner tank, some people think that the plastic liner still need to continue to improve. Now let’s do an objective analysis of the plastic liner tank Through communication with the water heater users,Plastic liner tank manufacturers and the solar water energy enterprises.

Corrosion resistance: it is the development intention and biggest effect of plastic liner tank. Because of the presence of the weld metal liner problem is easily corroded Water Leakage,

Plastic liner tank use PP as main material, with strong corrosion resistance, no corrosion led Water Leakage, can make the solar water heater longer life.

Production process: stainless steel liner use food grade stainless steel, machining processes more than 10, occupy a large amount of manpower, equipment and plant resources, the burden of enterprises is higher; Plastic liner tank by forming a blow molding process, no weld weakness, openings can be used directly. From the external procurement, reduce liner production process and cost, can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises

Air drying contrast: stainless steel inner main materials are stainless steel, high temperature resistance, air drying problem is relatively small; the plastic liner adopts PP as main material, can satisfy the daily use of solar water heaters, but long time air drying in the sun inside the furnace temperature is far beyond the PP materials under temperature, easy to cause the liner softening, deformation Water Leakage, etc.,Air drying must therefore prohibited

Health and safety comparison: the two liner can meet the "GB/T17219 standard" evaluation of the safety of drinking water distribution equipment and protective materials, "GB/T5750.4, 6, 7, 13 national standards for drinking water", have no side effects on the human body.

After sale maintenance: stainless steel liner is easy to corrosion Water Leakage,The repair rate is high, Two is the scale adhesion on the surface of the inner container,Not easy cleaning and maintenance;Plastic liner of water heater heat transfer due to the temperature difference between internal and external tank is large, easy to cause the plastic liner thermal expansion and contraction caused by mild deformation hole vacuum tube, glass tube inserted again difficult, and therefore must be in the water tank temperature decreased to machine operation.

Stainless steel liner after years of market development and validation, supply chain integrity, technology is simple and easy to operate, sales and customer service channel is perfect, cost is gradually declining, general manufacturers and consumers are more likely to accept; while the plastic liner as a new product, market application time is short, lack of consumer awareness, the need to strengthen the propaganda and popularization

Through the analysis we can see, the plastic liner R & D original intention is to solve the problem of inner corrosion Water Leakage application, fill the blank of solar water heater. The plastic liner is a kind of new model of solar water heater liner rather than universal products, it appears that no single solar products, homogenization, improve the competitive ability of the enterprise. But the plastic liner in the solar energy industry has only just begun, consumer awareness and acceptance is still relatively low, it is also insufficient, still need to continuously improve verification in the market, according to the current situation can not replace the stainless steel liner, a great innovation point but the solar industry.

With the expansion of solar energy market and to the development of the market direction, the inner differences will gradually emerge, the use of different requirements corresponding to different choices of liner. As solar energy enterprises and dealers should be according to the actual demand, choose appropriate liner, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses so as to meet the needs of intended use, rather than the "make it rigidly uniform" way, affirm or negate.